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All 11 customer reviews

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We purchased a Cuisinart DTC-975BKN 12 cup programmable coffeemaker in November of 2013. In December of 2014, slightly more than one year into the three year warranty, the coffeemaker failed, with water leaking out of the bottom of the unit. I contacted Cuisinart Customer Service and was told that they would send a replacement, but that I would have to pay $10 for shipping and handling. In addition I was told that I would have to return the defective unit at my expense. The shipping charges for the return came to just under $20.

This is a warranty that protects Cuisinart, not the consumer. It should not cost the consumer nearly $30 to exercise a warranty when a product fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship. According to the Better Business Bureau there have been over one hundred complaints filed against Cuisinart in the last three years, nearly two thirds of which are classified as either Problems with Product/Service or Guarantee/Warranty Issues.

Cuisinart used to be a respected company producing quality products. No more. We have purchased our last Cuisinart product.

04/23/15 After filing a complaint and a review with the Better Business Bureau I received a note from Cuisinart indicating that they would send me a check to cover the return shipping costs. It is uspposed to arrive in four to six weeks.

Working Advantage


It's incredibly annoying how Working Advantage nickels and dimes you to death. Shipping charges (even though tickets are typically sent First Class Mail at $0.49), processing charges, and the latest (added to e tickets delivered electronically) a "tax recovery charge". All of these charges are roughly $2 to $3 dollars and are questionably justifiable. These "profit centers" just add to the cost of each ticket, reducing your ultimate savings.


Although the Plush Rugs website states: "We encourage any discussion or questions concerning this product" they are apparently unwilling to publish my review of the ST17 Nourison Somerset Gold Rug. I will therefore post it here.

We purchased this rug in the 7'9" x 10'10" size for our living room. It is a beautiful rug with great colors and subtle textural striping. The problem is that the rug shows every footprint and consequently it always looks dirty. Vacuuming helps, but who can vacuum every day? I would not purchase this rug again.

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posted Jun-24-2014

A rep from, PlushRugs,has responded

“Hello, upon going to this page I saw that review was there as you had posted it. Even if the review for the rug is not glowing, we really want our customers to post their thoughts about the color, texture, etc of the rug for others to read so they can make the best decision possible. With almost 30,000 rugs available in numerous different sizes, we know that there should be something available that will work for each customer's taste! Please keep reviewing!

Jessica, team”


I sent the following inquiry to about a device that was about six months old and had failed. I received no reply.

When I called Customer Service they were able to phone conference with me and the manufacturer to initiate the process of replacement.d I am hopeful that this will work out to my satisfaction.

For now I am impressed with customer service at

Eagle Creek


On a recent trip I used my Eagle Creek Pack It to pack shirts, as I have done for years. On arrival at my destination I found that the material at the bottom of the Pack It had deteriorated since I had used it last, and had ruined one of my shirts. I had to replace the shirt. Because of that, and because Eagle Creek has a lifetime guarantee on the Pack It, I called Eagle Creek to seek a replacement.

Eagle Creek is one of those companies that makes it as difficult as possible for a customer to utilize their warranty. Obstacles are erected, and hoops must be jumped through (difficulties in finding the correct number to call, unreasonable conditions for product replacements, etc.), because they know that most customers will eventually just give up. The Pack It is about a $25 item. They insisted that I send the defective one back to them at my expense, and IF they deemed it defective, I might receive a replacement in about three weeks. Needless to say, I will never buy another Eagle Creek product.


Our DO400 toaster oven was 16 months old when it failed. The display indicated Err and there was no way to clear it. Since it was only about 4 months out of warranty I decided to contact Delonghi. Of course, I was told that the oven was out of warranty. A supervisor finally agreed to replace it but I had to send them a check for $15 and the plug and 3 inches of the power cord. So it was $15 plus the cost of shipping.

This is a company that makes it very difficult to get anything done by discouraging the customer at every step, and when they agree to do something for you, they agree grudgingly. The wait to speak to a customer service person is very long, never shorter that 10-15 minutes. They offer a call back feature and promise to call you back within 24 to 48 business hours-- that's 3 to 6 days!

The bottom line is that even if you get a response to a complaint, you end up having really negative feelings about the company. The attitude that comes across is that they think you're trying to scam them. Seems like a real counterproductive customer service policy.

Ikea [USA]


I ordered an Ikea gift card for my son as a Christmas present. I ordered it by the date specified on the Ikea web site for delivery by Christmas. The only way to order a gift card is by telephone. I was assured that the card would be delivered by Christmas and that I would receive an email confirmation. To summarize: I still haven't received any email confirmation; my son received the gift card on December 27; virtually nothing that I was told during many calls to Ikea about this situation was true. After being on hold for a very long time, and arguing with a customer service person, I finally got a supervisor to agree to refund the $2.50 I was charged for shipping and handling (for a gift card!). I was told that the credit would appear on my credit card in 3 to 5 days. It took a lot longer than that. Whoever makes policy at Ikea should find something else to do. This store is badly broken.

Cajun Supermarket


I placed an order with Cajun Supermarket and canceled the order less than twenty four hours later. It clearly states on their web site that any order can be canceled with full refund as long as cancellation takes place before the order is shipped. When I canceled my order was still in process. To cancel I called their customer service line and then confirmed my conversation by e-mail. Although I was assured by the customer service people that my order would be canceled, and that I would receive a full credit, it was not and I did not. It was shipped and I refused it when the Postal Service attempted delivery. When my credit card company inquired about the order Cajun Supermarket responded as if the order had been completed normally.

Customer service at Cajun Supermarket is completely useless and unresponsive.

Be smarter than I was. Look at the Better Business Bureau's rating for Cajun Supermarket. They get an F, the lowest possible rating.


Great product, great price, great service.


I purchased a USB Modem from Consumer Depot. It arrived without the driver CD and the RJ-11 cable that were listed as contained in the box. The modem I received was different from that pictured on the Consumer Depot web site, and I received an open box item, which was also not indicated on the page describing the modem. When I e-mailed Consumer Depot to inquire about the missing parts, they offered me a refund if I shipped the modem back to them at my expense. I decided not to throw good money after bad. Also as indicated elsewhere in other reviews here, some people never received refunds that they were promised.

Before ordering from Consumer Depot, consider the following:

The Better Business Bureau rates them with their lowest score, F.
The Tennessee Attorney General has a case pending against Consumer Depot alleging deceptive practices.
The charged me $9.99 for shipping. The actual cost of shipping was no more than $3.00(including shipping materials), and that's assuming that they bought the padded envelope at Walgreens.

Buyer beware!



I ordered a magazine subscription on October 22, 2005, and my credit card was charged the next day or the day after. On the magazine's web site I got a persistent error message, so I sent an e-mail inquiry to the magazine. I received an e-mail reply telling me that the magazine had ceased publication.

I sent a copy of the e-mail from the magazine to budgetmags and requested that a credit be issued to my credit card. It has been three weeks and I have received no response from budgetmags and no credit. The magazine is still being offered on the budgetmags site on the front page under "Magazines just added."

The reviews of consistently indicate that they do not reply to e-mail. My experience is consistent.