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Same story with Nikon EN-EL 14A battery

"Wish I had read these reviews before placing my order - they just pulled the exact same thing. Site shows battery in stock, call received from them next day saying it's backordered but they'll send you the higher capacity A model (never mind that that's the one that was ordered) for $10 more, and then a cheap knock off (Bower brand) arrives in the mail. Just initiated credit card dispute, don't order from these dirtbags, this is a deliberate scam."

Helpful Cool


Not Honorable and very rude

"To Whom it May Concern,

I placed an order initial for three(3) Nikon En-El14a batteries at $18.99 each on 9 Sept 2017.
on 13 Sept received a call the there was a backorder, however, the Batteries could be purchased from another company. Informed the sales rep that I required the En-EL 14a for it was the only Battery that works
with my Nikon 5600, that I did not want the batteries if they were not compatible with my Camera.
The Rep stated they would check with the company if the batteries they had were the ones I requested and would be compatible with my camera, I received a call back that they batteries were the batteries my camera required.
However, today 19 Sept I received two(2) Nikon en-El 14 batteries and not the High capacity EN-EL14A rechargeable Li-ion batteries I order and noted on the copy of the administrative panel sheet they placed in the shipment.

When requesting to speak with customer service or a supervisor, the Rep told me to quit calling and do not call back

Helpful Cool


bate and switch attest.

"Bate and switch artist. 23 reviews say same thing. Stay away.
Also they have been reported to BBB and attory general. Disgusting

Helpful Cool


Bait and switch

"Odrered a Nikon battery for my camera. They had the lowest
Price. Just received a series of phone messages saying to call 844-276-0586- when I called I got a message without a company name. Then I got a call and this time I picked up. A man said that battery was backordered 4-8 wks and they were sending me another one. When I told him to cancel the order, that I wanted the Nikon, he said no, they are sending the replacement that was better at same price. I could return it if not satisfied and before I could say another word he hung up. Something slippery going on here. I will see what the charge returnig it is--but then not sure that would work out either.

Helpful Cool


Do not do business with this company - Redux

"It seems I do not learn from history!

The following review was written earlier and it is EXACTLY what I experienced even with respect to my response... "Don't ship it I will not accept the shipment and I will return it to you." (However I ordered a Canon battery.)

""Do not do business with this company

"Unfortunately I did not read the reviews until after I ordered the Sony battery yesterday. A man just called and tried the bait and switch on me. He told me they are out of stock and it would take 6 to 8 weeks to get. He said they can overnight me a better battery made by the same manufacturer. I said no and to please cancel my order. He then said it was already shipped. I said I wouldn't accept it and was. All of my credit card company to notify them I cancelled the order. He then started cursing at me. Don't do business with this company. ""

Helpful Cool


Do not do business with this company

"Unfortunately I did not read the reviews until after I ordered the Sony battery yesterday. A man just called and tried the bait and switch on me. He told me they are out of stock and it would take 6 to 8 weeks to get. He said they can overnight me a better battery made by the same manufacturer. I said no and to please cancel my order. He then said it was already shipped. I said I wouldn't accept it and was. All of my credit card company to notify them I cancelled the order. He then started cursing at me. Don't do business with this company. "

Helpful Cool




Helpful Cool


Worse company i know of!

"Ordered a battery for my lady's camera in the beginning of this year. Havent seen a damn battery yet! Would like a full refund but they will not respond, unless your spending. Some lady named Lisa assisted me at first but she must have gotten a real job. Dont waste your hard earned money on this **** filled company people! Could have made my own damn battery by now!!!"

Helpful Cool


Do not do business with The Photoland

"This is the worst company I have ever tried to order anything from. They are nasty and rude. I placed an order and then received a call that there was a problem with my order. They did not specify what the problem was. I returned the call several time and did not receive a phone call back. I sent several emails and did not receive a response. I finally got through on the phone and after I asked what the problem was with the order, he asked me "do you want this order or not?". I told him I had finally sent an email that morning cancelling the order because I did not know what the problem was and had tried to reach them for a week. The man who answered the phone, Chris, go nasty right away and said he would just cancel the order and would hang up on me and did not want to waste any more time with me. I told him I wanted a confirmation email that the order was cancelled, and he said he would not send an email and was just going to cancel the order. He hung up on me. I never found out what the "problem" was with the order. The item was listed as in stock. These are rude and dishonest people and do not know how to treat people. There are too many good businesses out there that can give you a good experience."

Helpful Cool


Bait & Switch

"After reading the reviews we gave this seller the benefit of the doubt and ordered a few replacement Nikon DSLR batteries. A day after placing the order a man called letting us know that the batteries we had ordered were "out of stock" and that "he did the research himself" and found a better (off brand) battery we could purchase for $7 more than the cost of the original battery we ordered. Don't waste your time. "

Helpful Cool


Scam, run away

"The gentleman who answers lies straight through his teeth and the company does not allow last names to be given for their employees. I spoke with Lisa, who was very helpful, but the minute I asked for her first and last name for Email History confirmation, she stated that her company does not allow Last names to be given out to anyone for any reason. They called me with the same song and dance as the other customers on this page, but I had not read these reviews before I placed my order. After dozens of calls to their only number, I was finally able to reach to person who changed my order to have it cancelled and to get my refund. The next day, the order was still in "In Process" status, giving me no indication that the order was, in fact cancelled. After another few dozen calls, in which I was hung up on twice by the same gentleman, sent directly to voicemail on multiple numbers a dozen times each, and told 2 or 3 times to not call back, I finally got in touch with Lisa again, who assured me the order was cancelled and I received a confirmation email for my full refund.
I say all of this in warning to you. Stay away. They don't have what you need, they won't give you what you want, and they will not help you in any timely manner.

Helpful Cool


thephotoland.com is a scam - warning!!!

"I ordered a Canon charger on their website (thephotoland.com) and the following day I get a call from them saying there was a problem with my order. After I ordered online, I started reading the reviews on their website. All reviews were really very BAD and it scared me so that I had to cancel my credit card to prevent them from charging my credit card. I called them back several times on the same day and it went to voice mail. I called them back the following day and finally a man answered. There was a kid who was whining in the background so you could tell right away that their operations was a bit shady. I asked what the problem was with my order and he said that it was going to take 6 weeks to get it out and he offered me an alternative saying that it's a much better charger. I told him I don't want it and asked him to cancel my order instead. he asked why and I said I wanted the original and not a replacement. So he started insulting me saying that what he was offering me was much better and was used by professionals. He even said that it was my loss by cancelling the order and was very rude saying go ahead and go to another seller and see if I can get as good a deal. I said I will do that and he still went on and on saying rude things. This is an honest warning!! Do not make the mistake of ordering from thephotoland.com website. I am glad that I read the reviews online and managed to cancel my order in time. "

Helpful Cool



"Only reason for one star is that it won't let me give them zero. Typical of everyone else. Stupid me didn't read reviews before purchasing. Ordered 2 Nikon batteries. OOps, we don't have those in stock but can send you two better ones. OK, no problem (I take the hook). Well, they show up and don't fit. Call and took 4 days to get CS on the phone. Was told I was shipped the exact thing I ordered. Well, that is funny, since it doesn't fit in the camera. Basically told to go pound sand and call the CC company to dispute the charges.

SO, that is what I am off to do. Probably a waste of 75 bucks, but lesson learned.


Helpful Cool



"Want to return an item which was not what I wanted. Called three times for authorization and sent two emails through the website without ANY RESPONSE. I am returning the item without authorization and I doubt if I'll get back the $34.98"

Helpful Cool


This site is a scam. Do not buy

"I warn you do not buy. I google canon charger and photo land is the first the come up a. Canon charger for $17.99 plus $4.99 that's how they catch me I place order. Two days later they called hey we are out canon, but hey we have a better professional charger fast charging for $5 Rok they send a **** that in all stores like Walmart, frys or Best Buy is $14.99 or online for $4.00 they charge me $32.99 for the piece of crap. Yup lesson learn do not buy from sketchy sites. Oh and I called they said they were close. The dude so unpolite bad customer service. I was about to tell my classmates from my photography class about this site. I'm glad I didn't . "

Helpful Cool

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