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If i could choose NO STAR i would

"This company scams people out of their money!

Bought shoes - the shoes that arrived never looked like the shoes advertised.

I sent it back, and they are now wanting to take HALF the money i paid for courier services which is not my problem to start off with as they advertised something they dont even have!

They are refusing my refund - which means i am out of pocket of the money i paid for the shoes and i dont have the shoes they took it.

This company called PLANET54 is thieves / scammers - call it what you want.

Jabu and Thendeka - "supposed to be" customer care consultants doesnt even reply - its like they vanished after i asked for my full refund for shoes not received as ordered.

SCAMMERS! See all other reviews with regards to PLANET54... NOT GOOD - DONT BUY FROM THEM!

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don't order !

I ordered 6/5/16, received shoes couple of days later.
return policy within 90 days.
The company changed return policy on 6/27/16 to 30 days.
I want to return 1 pair out of 3, they refuse to send me a return label.
They recently changed return policy to only final sale, no returns.
I am still in the 90 day period, they ignore me and refuse to refund.
I think they going downhill and close up, don't order !!!!

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Buyer Beware

"I have never written a bad review - or any product review - but I wish I had read the reviews on this page before doing business with this company. Planet Shoes has what I perceive to be misleading advertising about their shipping policies - I paid extra for allegedly expedited 3-day shipping for shoes I had hoped to wear to a wedding, Three days is now turning into ten - still no shoes. I asked in writing for a refund of the expedited shipping fee - I was told by Shayla that "when you choose the expedited shipping this does not expedite the processing time." The processing time takes 2-3 business days! In other words, expedited 3 day shipping means it takes 2-3 days to process the items in their warehouse before they are even shipped out (!) - then the shoes are shipped by regular UPS! This is basically the same ten days that it would take if I had chosen the free shipping option. This has at least the appearance of a scam. As I told Shayla I plan to seriously look into this further. No apologies from Shayla for taking ten days (if I actually get them in ten days) after paying for the 3 day option - ten days being the time that it takes if you choose the free shipping option, unless you consider - "sorry we cannot refund your money" to be an apology. I still do not have the shoes! Shayla's response about what expedited shipping means when you do business with Planet Shoes was double speak. My advice is so not do business with this company!

what free shipping

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"Purchased four pair of shoes on the sale page at great prices; three of them were out of season styles. After reading other reviews, I expected mailing and/or shoe size or condition issues. But, not so. All four pair were exactly as advertised on the site and in new condition. They were mailed out in less than two days. And took two days to arrive, rather than the advertised three days. - Thank you"

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Very disorganized and little to no help after numerous call/emails


Do not bother wasting your time with this company, after 20+ emails and multiple calls they were not able to help me with why my orders were not shipped. Spoke to a manager and even she could not resolve the issue and sounded like it was her first day or she just had no idea what was going on. Clearly there are a lot of issues going on with this company and I wish I never came across their website and waste my time dealing with them. Online shopping is supposed to be easy and convenient After calling multiple times for 30 minutes and 20+ emails, I definitely will never be visiting this website again.

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Horrible customer service.

"Such terrible customer service. I received shoes as a Christmas gift that broke & was told they would send me a replacement once they received the broken shoe. Several weeks later I get an email that the original form of payment was credited - no shoes were sent. So not only do I not have a Christmas gift now, the gift giver knows the shoes they purchased broke in less than a month. Then I called and was placed on hold 3 times to be told I could call the original gift giver & they could re-buy the shoes. Why should the original gift giver have to deal with their terrible customer service? We won't be buying from this company ever again. "

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Worst service on planet Earth. Beware!

"The company has performed horribly regarding a recent order I made with them.

I was looking for a pair of comfortable shoes and checked out various brands and read excellent reviews on Naot shoes and decided to order a pair of their Pilot boots from Planet Shoes at $200, shipping free, estimated delivery 3 to 5 days.

The company processed the order fast, I'll give them that, the money was out of bank account in moments of placing the order, and they did send me a order confirmation informing me that they had dispatched the shoes. So far, so good.

I then waited and watched the tracking info they'd given me to see the progress for the shipment via UPS.

I ordered the shoes on Dec 30th and after not getting them after a week, I rechecked the tracking info and noticed the shoes were sitting in a UPS depot miles away from me and no longer slated for delivery to my home address.

I then called UPS and they told me to call Planet Shoes, so I contacted Planet Shoes customer service, where I was told that "I had informed UPS" I wanted the shoes to be picked up at the depot, I had most defiantly had not done anything of the sort.

But once that seemed to be cleared up, the woman there at customer service [Shayla] informed me the shoes would be requsted for delivery to my home again. Of note: I never did get a reasonable explanation as to why the shoes had been held up at the UPS depot, but I wanted the shoes, and so was willing to wait a little more and was told that they should be with me in another few days.

The woman at customer service then sent me an email apologizing for the delay, and offering me 15% off my next purchase with Planet Shoes, [ A pretty unlikely event, I must have thought at the time, but she was trying I told myself] then I noticed that she had written to me as "John," when in fact my name is Gregory, it's on the order form, the credit card account info & the delivery address. Not a good sign I thought yet again.

So I again waited on the delivery and after a few days, i.e. three, I again looked at the tracking info and yet again the package was still designated as "hold for pick-up."

At this point I'd had enough and I called the customer service place yet again and they assured me that they would contact UPS and the package would be with me as soon as they could get it on the next days delivery truck.

Well, I wouldn't be writing this if that had happened, and another few days went by. I called yet again and asked for a supervisor, and was passed along to a man there named Dante who listened to my complaint and agreed to cancel my order and refund the $200. I asked him to email me a comfrimation to this effect as I was feed-up by then with Planet Shoes promises and he said that he would take care of everything by the end of business that day.

Guess what? He didn't! What a shock.

Anyway, I called back yet again and finally got put through to someone there named Doug, who in fact did write me later that day and send an attachment which showed that the order had been cancelled and that a refund should be credited back to credit card/bank account in three to five business days.

What a saga.

I leave it to anyone who has read this to make up their own minds about this company, but for my two cents I'd have to say they "****."


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"very discouraged with this company and their cust reps. after reading reviews, everyone was raving about the fast shipping. my order stated 2 day priority shipping and 3 days after the usps shipping label was created, it's still sitting in the warehouse. after the 2nd phone call in one day following up on the status of the order, i spoke with a manager who told me he would 'raise a red flag' if the order was not delivered by the following saturday, 7 days after the order was placed. i told him i was ready to cancel and order from another company and he tells me i can't cancel since the order has already shipped but it hasn't."

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"This is a very good site for those who would like a better selection of shoes than a retail store and may possibly need special shoes for foot troubles or simply like comfy shoes! many are quite stylish and actually anyone can purchase just about anything you see in retail. I will preface that with they are not in to fashion shoe trends or the unusual heels you see for occasions, but everyday shoes they are great!
having to wear orthotics in my shoes now due to an injury, i can find a wide selection of options in the women's shoes from Flats to dress to boots. the shoes come in a timely fashion and well packaged. i have returned a pair or two but the refund is handled quickly.
Give it a try, the brands are top notch.

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"To start off with the Phone customer service was very Good. But I ordered a pair of New Balance Shoes and waited 4 Days for a Shipping notice to be Emailed to me. After 4 Days I called on the phone. The lady told me the shoes were coming from a different warehouse and she did not know when they would be shipped. You would think if a Company knows a product is gonna be delayed they would at least Email you and tell you they are delayed. I never received any email notification except the one stating they had received my order. I promptly cancelled my order and now i'm crossing my finger hoping my money goes back on my card."

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"I read reviews before doing business with this site though I have to be honest - my experience was far better than those that offered previous reviews. I ordered a pair of shoes that shipped quickly (for free, since it was a purchase over $50). The shoes didn't quite fit so I ordered a size up and sent the first pair back. The second pair that arrived were the wrong color, which was frustrating, however the customer service rep was professional and accommodating. She offered to either overnight me the correct color free of charge, or to refund me $20 bucks for the pair that I received. I opted to keep the wrong color for the cheaper price and my refund and my return were both processed in a timely manner. Minus the mistake in my second order - I found this company to be very professional and I'd do business with them again. "

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"Don't want to spend another hour writing about these shysters, as I've already wasted too much of my precious time dealing with them.

Long story short, they sent me a BRIGHT ORANGE pair of shoes when I'd ordered a light blue. Two emails were simply ignored. I was forced to talk to one of their retards, who was as rude as can be. When I insisted that I needed a UPS pickup because this was, after all, THEIR MISTAKE, the idiot (who refused to tell me his name) placed me on "hold," which was just his way of hanging up but he was too pussy to do THAT, since maybe his shyster boss man was listening in.

There was no return label in the package, just this VERY WRONG, UGLY pair of shoes that you wouldn't pay $10 for at Salvation Army.

I will be taking this to the BBB & to my attorney. I'm done with playing Nice Guy with these kinds of shysters.

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"BUYER BEWARE. False advertising if you ask me. At the top of the website, in bold print, it said, "Free Shipping Over $49 & Free Returns." No asterisk, no fine print, no re-direct to the Shipping/Returns page for exceptions. I had to waste over $30 and lots of my precious time to try on a pair of shoes that didn't fit and then return them. I'm in Hawaii. Competitor, Zappos, recognizes that we are part of the United States, not "overseas" (as Planet Shoes calls it). And it took 23 days for my order to arrive. No one notified me of a shipping delay. I say don't bother.

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"Service is bad ordered shoes 27th May. Nothing happened until 5th June after chasing them. I am in Canada Halifax until 13th June when I leave for the UK. No update on shipping to the hotel I am staying at. Halifax is just across the border from MA. Why it should take so long I do not know.

I ordered to UK from USA before and it was quicker. If the shoes arrive at hotel after I leave what happens?

Do I get my money back?


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"The right shoe was bigger than the left shoe in the pair of shoes I bought. I checked the imprint and both were the same size according to the imprint on each shoe, so I thought my right foot must be slightly larger, although I've never had that problem in the past. I wore the shoes occasionally, hoping to stretch the right shoe despite the pain it caused me. Today I stopped by a shoe repair shop and asked them to stretch the shoes. The man held the shoes up on the counter, heels down and soles facing. The right shoe is actually noticeably shorter than the left shoe! When I called Planet Shoes, both the customer service representative and the manager refused to make it right, stating that I was past the return period. It isn't like I was trying to return shoes to get a different color! They sold me the wrong size shoes. I would have been content with either shoes that fit or a refund."

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