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Product & services pricing 5.10/10
Chance of future purchase: 3.90/10
Shipping & packaging: 4.30/10
Customer service: 3.24/10
Return/Replacement policy: 2.65/10
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Ordered "Very Good" Received Extremely Damaged Books

"I've made many orders from Thriftbooks and generally, my experience has been pleasant. However, this year, I've had nothing but bad experiences. Recently, I purchased several books and made several orders, many books that are hard to find so I was really excited about them. I purchased them in "very good" condition, but the books I received were beyond horrible condition, not even acceptable condition. One book had dead spiders in it, another book pages were completely detached and just stuffed back between the book cover, and another book that was to be in very good condition, pages were ripped, tapped up, severe wear and tear on the cover and back covers, and the pages -the pages were severely worn and wrinkly from being wet from some kind of liquid. The books were scribbled in black markers, even had a "$1.50" price sticker on it (although I paid more than that). "

Helpful Cool


Two bad experiences with them within the same order. Don't buy from them, unless...

"... you are willing gamble whether you will get readable books!
Problem 1 - said book in Good condition and even the spine of the book was not only stained, it was broken and torn!
Problem 2 (serious one for me) - yet another monumental mishap on their part. I bought the "All The Right Stuff" book for my daughter, who was starting a new school within 2 weeks, and she had to make annotations in the book, etc. Well, then she had thought it reached the end, after done countless annotations on the book (per request by her prep school) and guess what????? The book is missing the last several pages!!!! It abruptly ends on page 182, the last words being "Some college guy had gotten his nose broken and two teeth out in the flight, and they..." and that is it!!! We were on a tight deadline so I had to order NEXT day from Amazon and enroll on Amazon Prime. Ended up spending over $100+ because of their incompetence. What kind of service can they possibly be running??? This is my second complaint within a month. And here I thought I had found a gem, a great place to buy used books...

Helpful Cool


Bad Grading

"I bought an eighteen dollar book which was supposed to be in very good condition. But when I finally got the book, upon the back crudely written letters spelled out the phrase "this book is gay" in, believe it or not, silver sharpie, which is extremely easy to see. In addition to that it has horrible water damage. I have tried contacting thriftbooks two times over email and I have not received a response yet. Until then, this will remain at one star."

Helpful Cool


Never ordering from here again

"I've ordered from thrift books before and they were great, all the books came on time and they all looked to be in pretty good shape. I recently ordered a book for my boyfriend but unfortunately I ordered the wrong one and tried to cancel it. Thrift books only has an email to which you send them your order number and to cancel, which I did....twice. no response either time and guess what, the book is still on it's way. They'll take your money super fast and basically refuse to give it back. Never buying off of here again! "

Helpful Cool


Horrible book grading lately...

" used to grade their books very accurately. Within the last 6 months or so I have ordered quite a few books from them and about half of them I have had to email them back due to the fact that they are sending me books listed in "Good" condition that are covered in liquid damage, unexpected damage, and/or a LARGE amount of handwriting and notations (to the point that some pages are not legible). I'm very disappointed in this company and hope that they can turn their company around and be the book seller they once were because they are about to lose a LOYAL customer. On a plus side (which got them 2 stars instead of 1) they usually handle the returns fairly, however I'm waiting for the day they ban me due to the amount of returns/refunds, but the bad quality books are on them - not me."

Helpful (1) Cool


Utterly disappointing

"Ordered 2 books for my final semester. Never received them and only after contacting them they inform me that I've already received and e-mail for the cancellation and I've been also issued a refund. Never got any of those. All I got was "wish you the best". Lost my money on a scam company."

Helpful Cool


Very disappointing

"I purchased a book for $5.18 (grand total). It said my book was in very good condition, it wasn’t. And they had the audacity to send it with a $1.99 thrift store sticker still affixed."

Helpful Cool


Not very happy!

"The description of the cookbook I ordered totally failed to disclose that what I was buying was an "advance reading copy: not for sale; copy and art are not final". No kidding - no table of contents and most of the pages are different from the "final" hardbound copy I had checked out previously from the library. What a waste of my money and time. I can't use this and it can't be returned because the dollar amount doesn't reach the minimum to return."

Helpful Cool


Post office havoc

"I ordered 4 books. Each is shipped separately. All made it to my city but were undeliverable due to the company putting the wrong zip code on the packages. I checked my order...I entered the correct zip code. I did a chat with an employee at thrift books. She reordered 3 of the books and refunded me for the 4th. She was polite. They were unable to shop me the 4th book, even if they got it back because they do not re ship returned books! I think that is stupid. I am happy I can get 3 of the books and I got a refund but, I WANT that 4th book. I will not order through this dealer again "

Helpful Cool



"I ordered a book on music, and they sent me a romance novel instead, so I contacted Customer Service and asked for a refund ... explaining that I needed the book now, and would have to go to the local book store, and buy a new one. Their response ... we shipped you another one. I responded via e-mail and reiterated what I had said in my previous message .. I need the book NOW, and since you sent me the wrong book, I will have to buy it locally, so please refund my purchase price. It’s now been over three days, and I have yet to get a response from their Customer Service Department."

Helpful Cool


False advertising

"Thrift books showed a picture of the book that was not the same as the edition I received. I paid extra for a specific edition shown online and they sent me a diff edition. I contacted customer service and they only offered to refund me price of book. Of course I have to pay for shipping of return. Very unhappy with service. "

Helpful Cool


Lied About The Condition of a Book

"It is clearly typed in the receipt in my email,'Only slightly differentiated from a new book.Undamaged cover & spine.Pages may display light wear but no marks'.In fact,the book I received has numerous pages defaced w/yellow hiliter & underlines & comments in pen ink.No way on earth would I buy a book all defaced w/that ****.That completely disrespectful **** drives me up a wall on sight."

Helpful Cool


Love Thriftbooks

"I've been ordering from Thriftbooks for at least a year now when I have some spare change. Finally just got to the Percy Jackson series and I'm loving it! Bought The House of Hades in good condition months ago. When it came it looked brand new like someone had just bought it. I finally cracked the bad boy open last night and it was a signed copy!! I paid $3.79 and got a signed copy of the book I'm over the moon!!! Would recommend Thriftbooks to anyone! Plus my books always come on time or a little early so I'm very pleased with them. "

Helpful Cool


Books came early

"I ordered 6 books and all of the books came earlier than I thought they would and in really good shape. Amazing!!"

Helpful Cool


Book never came

"Bought a book from thrift books, and it never came."

Helpful Cool

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