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Ski helmet has not arrived

"Order ski helmet with quicker delivery (extra paid). Nothing came. No chance to call them. Strongly recommend not to buy from them. Better to pay even more, but get the product. "

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"Over 6 weeks and still no ski gloves; automated emails saying they will look into it but no shipping details; 4 weeks late and they won't give me my money back - thieves!!"

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delivery got lost and customer service unhelpful

"bought a ski jacket 16 days ago. took 10+ days to get dispatched. When enquired about where it was on the night it was meant to arrive, I was told it was at their distribution centre, en-route to me the following day. the next morning I got another email saying it was returned to the warehouse. please wait for a refund. I enquired about what happened but no one replied. Had to call in and was told nothing they could do for me. just wait for a refund (politely). I asked about what happened to the delivery. no one contacted me saying they had trouble finding it or it was delivered to my neighbour etc. The response from them was, call the delivery company yourself. Nothing else they could do. It has taken so long, the sale price I got it at was gone. Even if I want to place another order urgently before departing for the ski trip, it was out of stock. but none of this was their problem. official answer was: you will get a refund.

yes I want my refund because I never want to deal with them again.

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Don’t get conned by snowinn!!

"The experience is really as bad as it can get!! I got scammed by them. Spent $600 with them and my items never arrived!! Every time I wrote to them the same electronic reply gets sent!!

“Dear ****

Thanks for contacting us.

Your parcel is currently on its way and it is due to be delivered to you very soon. As soon as it reaches your country you will be able to see much more information using the following tracking link:
- Your parcel number is xxxxxx. If the tracking information has not been updated for several days, it is because your order is still being processed by the Customs of your country and this is generating delay. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee when your order will be released as this is due to Customs rules and procedures applied in your country. Based on our experience, Customs can take between 15-60 days to unblock your parcel and proceed with delivery.

Our most sincere apologies for the delay on your delivery and thanks for your understanding.

Kind regards,

Tradeinn Team – Customer service”

They r a load of bullshit!! Pls pls DO NOT buy from Snowinn or any of their associates!!

They will constantly write positive reviews about how great their service is!! Pls do not get conned by this company!!

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Waste of time!

"The chat line was useless"

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in stock to out of stock

"Saw warnings from other buyers and had similar experience start to happen so I cancelled the order right away. Common scenario - great price on item - item is labeled in stock - you buy item - a few days goes by and then you check to see status only to find item is now out of stock - contact snow inn and they say they don't know why it isn't there yet and to wait a few more days then check back. Not sure about others but I don't have time to wait when delivery takes a few weeks then I still have to get the bindings mounted so I can't be waiting for months for these. Plus on principal the binding was in stock at the time of order and I even go on to the item now and it is still listed as IN STOCK! Shady!"

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"They confirmed the order, then sent me a completely different item. Tried to contact them to get the correct item shipped, but no reply from them on their mistake and only option was return. Great service if you're looking to return an incorrectly delivered product, but that's about it."

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anti customer shop

"Ordered a jacket off these guys and at first everything was going fine, statuses were promptly changing at least, but I was incredibly disappointed when I received it, as instead of xxl I ordered I received xs. Not really funny.
Obviously I turned to customer services for help and they took 48 hours to reply. What they reply boilt down to was it was me who made the mistake and not them. In case I wanted to return the jacket it was fine with them but at my own expense. I try to reason with them saying I made another order on the same day as the one i question and it obviously listed 3xl (different brands different items and i haven't received it as of now)
Avoid like wildfire, spend your hard earned in places they apreciate your interest

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Item showed "In Stock", order canceled days later

"Tried to order some "In Stock" ski boots, received an order confirmation email, only to find out days later that the boots were not actually in stock and my order was cancelled. Beware!"

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Late. Generic customer "service" responses. Rude & arrogant once you actually ring through!

"On the face of it, Snowinn seems a good idea. Import a product from Spain, pass on lower country of origins taxes as a saving to UK customer.
The fine print: Over a week late ( 3 weeks for delivery), and when emailed you will get a generic "fob" from customer "service", I guarantee. I decided to then ring the customer service helpline and had an agent literally argue down the phone and speak over the top of me. I've never had a service this bad from an online company, and now have the joys of sending a parcel back to spain at ridiculous cost - no UK warehousing facility?!

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Terrible Service, Stay away

"Ordered a ski jacket for my son 3 weeks ago....still not here. They cannot provide a proper tracking number and are satisfied that the item arrived in the US 6 days ago. Apparently that is an achievement for this company. I have requested a refund, which they have ignored twice. Stay away from this company...."

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"I ordered a ski helmet for a trip, website said it would arrive within 4-6 days. It arrived in 20 days, causing me to have to buy another helmet from another company so I would have it to travel. Worse, they made me pay to return the item even after they admitted their mistake. They have no concept of customer service, they take up to 72 hours to reply to any email, they are the worst ever!"

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"I ordered a laptop case from this site as a gift...the recipient provided the site link. I didn't check it closely and didn't realize it was in Spain. Well the product was ordered, shipped, and received just fine but trying to return it because we ordered the wrong size was a nightmare! Very difficult to get a response from seller and the extreme cost of shipping (I agreed to the exorbitant shipping when ordering unfortunately) made it impractical to return the product. I've definitely learned to be more careful of the seller when purchasing online but this particular seller is truly not easy to deal with."

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