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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 4.58/10
Chance of future purchase: 2.14/10
Shipping & packaging: 1.43/10
Customer service: 2.50/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.43/10
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horriable customer service/no response

"I ordered a pair of fender flares. they came in and the box was destroyed and the flares were sticking out the corners of the box. so the plastic was roughed up. they are fixable. however I contacted them 3 times and I received no response what so ever at all. so I do not recommend buying from them at all. I will be making a flyer and putting it up at work which is a gm engine plant so poor decision on their part. All I ask for is at least a response. if this is how you get treated with fender flares damaged I'm sure its no different with $1000 rims either. Highly recommend looking elsewhere."

Helpful Cool


Love this company

"I own a 2018 Chevy Silverado and needed some nerf bars. RealTruck has the best prices! The bars arrived exactly when I was told they would and the bars look exactly as advertised and fit perfectly on my truck. I will be ordering from this company again."

Helpful Cool


Took over 7 weeks to fulfill order. Sent wrong part. Refused to refund purchase price.

"On May 4, 2018, we ordered a set of rear seat covers for my 2017 Honda Ridgeline. After well over a month, as they had not arrived, my wife contacted Realtruck to inquire about the status of this order. Realtruck said they would get right on it. We finally received the seat covers on June 24, more than 7 weeks after we ordered them. They DO NOT fit the seats of the Ridgeline. We contacted customer service at Realtruck and spoke with Jessica Woods. She instructed us to send photos of the seat covers to her. We did so. We have not heard from Realtruck since then although We have phoned twice and been shunted to voice mail. We paid $119 for the seat covers. I believe, although I have no proof, that the seat covers may fit an earlier model of Ridgeline. The truck was completely remodeled in 2017. These seat covers are useless to us.
Desired Resolution: Refund of $119.

Helpful Cool


If you install it no return!

"I bought a set of top van rails for my new 2018 Nissan NV 2500. Looked great but the noise was terrible, I called less than a week after buying and was told that if I had installed them that there was no return policy, how could I know that they would rattle and shake the top of my van before installing, the design is the issue. Speaking with my attorney about the no return policy! My order number is 1104634 for the van rack"

Helpful Cool


Really sad customer service.

"Bought a set of SPEC-D taillights in March. By time they finally got to me it was mid-April. Put the lights in they worked fine...till two weeks ago. Hyper-flashing on both sides. What does their customer service tell me? You have to go direct to the manufacturer to get help. We don't have part numbers for the resistors. And, your are just outside of the 90 day warranty. "Thanks for letting us resolve your issue!"...what? I am still driving around with bad taillights and no solution in hand...even if I have to buy the damn resistors! This is not what good customer service looks like. Be warned... :("

Helpful Cool



"stay away i beg you---
i ordered a set of spyder headlights and tail lights from these guys (july 2018)--i ordered off their web site and put in my exact truck information. the tail lights they sent me had a completely different wire harness and they did not just plug in and fit my trucks wire harness. i called the manufacturer (spyder) hoping there might be an adapter i could install so they might fit, but after an hour on the phone with their technical support they discovered they were the wrong set of lights for my truck, however there was a different set of lights they sold that would fit and they gave me a product number of the correct lights; they directed me to contact realtruck and have them take back the wrong lights and send me the correct lights that spyder identified would fit. (seems like a pretty simple request) i called realtruck and after 45 min on the phone they admitted not carrying the correct set of lights that would actually fit but could order me the right set and they would start the return/exchange process --it has been 5 days and they are telling me they are waiting for spyder to approve the return..what? i have begged and pleaded with them to accept my return and they refuse; so lets get this straight---they send me the wrong lights and even when i agreed to just make an exchange no harm no foul, they refuse to make the exchange and oh wait it gets better--- i was told if and when they accept the return i will have to pay a 20% restocking fee!!! isn't that awesome they dont have the correct option of lights for me to choose from, then they send the wrong set, then wont let me return them immediately, and make me pay a fee if the do take them back..wow--the 2 sets of lights i ordered were almost $1000.00 and i cant even get them to exchange 1 set in a timely manner--at this point ive had it, i dont want to exchange anything with them now, i just want my money back and of course they are getting the lights back so what in gods green creation is the issue..geesh
never ever ever order anything from realtruck--it goes with the program of the auto parts business that occasionally parts wont fit or be wrong, so make it easy for someone to return and get the right product without treating them like crap-- amazon has everything realtruck has, cheaper and with no issues when it comes to a return. im so unhappy-- realtruck customer support is real-horrible.
this was my order number 1039187
very disappointing
jay c.


Helpful Cool


Shop around

" Ibought a pace Edward bed cover from this company. The price was good (but you can get similar pricing on Ebay). The item arrived, and it was defective. I contacted this company and they told me that I should contact the manufacturer. When I pointed out that I have not dealt with ther manufacturer but with them, they changed their attitude. Since I was worried that the entire item could have been faulty I asked about restocking fees in the event the item was defective. The lady on the phone told me that I had to ship it back to the "manufacturer" who would decide if the item was defective or not, and apply a restocking fee. Never heard something more absurd. I start asking for a physical address where to send legal paper and the lady put me on hold. Now a manager grab the phone and after 4 times of me asking for an address, he finally gave me one. Her offered his help in solving the issue. I asked for the delivery of the missing gasket. He agreed. I was contacted by another employee telling me that the manufacturer would send new gasket within a week. I told him that it wasn't unacceptable and that overnight replacement was the only acceptable way, since I have trip planned and I needed the cover. I received the gasket overnight, but while installing it I noticed that the rail luding the gasket had a broken end cap and it was slightly different from ther other one. They offered to send as new end cap but st this point I wanted at least a new rail. I waited and no answer was given so I'm expecting to start a legal action in a couple of days, for either replacement or reimbursement. Think twice and shop around"

Helpful Cool


Horrible! Horrible! Service

"Needed to replace a part right away (my mistake -ordered front but needed rear). I am in WA State. I called right after I ordered to exchange before it shipped. They were closed. There was no way to cancel the order online and required me to call them to do so. I called the next morning and they said it already shipped. In fact, it was still at their facility (Confirmed by FedEx that the label had been created only) but they would not pull it to exchange. They said it needs to be delivered and then returned. Oh, and I need to pay a 10% restock fee to exchange or 20% restock to just return it. Clearly the fine print of restocking and replacement is not obvious when placing an order. A bit sneaky on their side.

I then called and asked to talk to the person I had been chatting with. So happens to be that the person I was chatting with lost her voice. Really!!!! That is so lame.

Had I known they would be closed while I was ordering online and that there is no way to cancel an order right away and that I could not change my order I would have never ordered from them. Cheaper is definitely not better. They make up the price by other means.


Helpful Cool


Excellent experience with Real Truck

"I have a 2016 Ram 1500 Sport Crew Cab and I was looking for a set of running boards. I researched for months online and even went to local truck accessory stores, plus called the local Ram dealer. I was looking at least $500.00 plus installation. When I found the ones I wanted I called Real Truck and talked to a customer service rep. We verified the part number, and I purchased the running boards. I bought them on a Tuesday, the following Tuesday they were sitting on my front porch. I verified the part number on the box and it was what I had ordered. I installed them on Saturday, and everything went great. All brackets, huardware and boards fit perfect. Even the install instructions were correct. I could not be happier with my boards. Thank You Real Truck."

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terrible customer service

"I ordered a bug shield for my toyota tundra after a week i didnt receive a shipping notice even though the website said part was in stock,so i sent email a rep said oh your item is shipping today and you will get an email confirmation, 1 day later i received an email saying my case was closed because item was being shipped but didnt receive a shipping email,I emailed again and now another case email that item was shipping 2 DAYS later TERRIBLE SERVICE"

Helpful Cool


Volant cold air intake 17861 ( REALTRUCK.COM IS A JOKE)

"So I ordered my cold air intake a week a ago and it came in today may 10th. Anyways, I opened the box and everything looked refurbished, the cold air intake box was all scratched up with cuts in it looked like someone took a knife and kept slicing it, the bolts and screws were all missing, the tube was all scratched up as well. My friend has the same exact one which he bought from the volant website and his looks so much different and better and well made. The one I got looks like a generic version compared to his. I should've just spent the extra 40 bucks and got the real deal from the volant company. All I gotta say is this is the first and last time I ever buy from realtruck.com and I'm telling my family and friends and everyone on facebook and all the social media to never purchase anything from you guys. U guys have the worst reviews on the BBB and every other site , and u guys have the worst customer service, its like talking to a door knob, this company is a disgrace to this society smh , HOW THE **** DOES A COMPANY NOT GIVE U A TRACKING NUMBER OR ANY KIND OF CONFIRMATION OF PURCHASE??AND U BEEN IN BUSINESS FOR 20 YEARS?? GTFOH BEWARE PEOPLE DONT BUY FROM THIS **** **** COMPANY"

Helpful Cool


"This place needs to get there shipping under control. I am very disappointed in how long it takes to receive a product, not to mention how many times I have to call to figure out why I haven't received it and why its taking so long...."

Helpful Cool


Real truck.com is a horrible business.

"I order a bed cover for my Chevy truck I did not know much about ordering bed cover because this was my first truck, anyway it taken two weeks for them to send me wrong order and they refuse to accept a return. Now I'm stuck with something I can't use realtruck.com is a rip off company, please don’t order from that company. I ordered from eBay I got the right in 3 days for now on if I order online for my truck need it will be from eBay or Amazon."

Helpful Cool


Great Service

"I ordered the wrong product. I emailed them and Sloan help me return it. Then I reorder the correct product. Sloan was super customer friendly, fast and thorough. They made my error go away. This experience was everything you want a company to do but very few will. Thanks Sloan."

Helpful Cool


D569 Fuel Rims for Ford F150 4x4

"Order a set of 30" Ford F150 Fuel D569 rims on April 3rd got them on April 6th "great fast shipping" issue was the with the group out of Colorado who was suppose to ship the lugs nuts. It appears those "LUGS" there took two days to even ship them and it is taken 4 business days to arrive in eastern Tennessee. Amazing get rims from Florida in 3 days and cant get lugs nuts in 6 days."

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