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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 7.50/10
Chance of future purchase: 9.73/10
Shipping & packaging: 9.73/10
Customer service: 9.73/10
Return/Replacement policy: 9.79/10
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Excellent service and good advice

"The suggested system for image-intensive work turned out to be excellent. The computer arrived as promised and was already partly set-up (OS loaded and registered, etc.). This was my first experience buying a ready-built box in almost 40 years; I found it much easier than building it myself, and not that much more expensive. I could not be more pleased."

Helpful Cool


Outstanding product from a world class team

"My whole experience from presales through to unpacking and setting up my new system has been outstanding.

Jeff in presales did a great job in advising/helping me configure a Lightroom/Photoshop system that supported my particular workflow. This included selection of the best card for true 10-bit color support and what to look for when evaluating monitors to go with that card. (10 bit vs 8 bit frc).

Watching the process online as specific team members (name + photo) built my system from the ground up was a treat to watch. This communicated pride of ownership for that part of the process and reinforced the overall value proposition of partnering with Puget Systems. On request they prepped the power and data cords for adding four additional internal drives at no cost. Build quality is amazing.

- Packaging - outstanding.
- Box of extras to support multiple connectivity options and future upgrades - aces.
- Binder with OS, all test results, system info and names / photos of the folks who built my system - booyah.

By any measure Puget Systems is a world class team that delivers an outstanding product at a fair price.

Helpful Cool


The best price, process, quality and service adds up to knowing, not hoping, you made the right call

"Years ago, I bought a Mac video editing and motion graphics system from a reseller in California and it was a disaster. They sent refurbished monitors that didn't work, despite having paid for new gear and fought tooth and nail to not exchange the failing hardware. More problems than I could possibly imagine. So I was hesitant to use another reseller. But after searching for a Mac solution, I realized I needed a PC. Mac Pro, or worse an iMac Pro were over-priced, under powered and severely limited for what I needed.

So, I began looking to move from Mac to PC due to the fact that I need NVIDIA cards to run some of my software. After looking at probably all of the other companies out there, calling so-called experts and reading discussion posts, I found Puget Systems. Due to the fact that PC is sort of a mystery to me (I have a Dell laptop but that's it), I was nervous calling. Expecting some tech geek mocking me for having ever gone with Apple, as I've seen some of that online. Well, that didn't happen. Instead I was met with one of the best customer service experiences of my life.

I'm an organizational psychologist and a freelance marketing professional. So I know the difference between getting lucky by finding a good sales rep and getting a company with a great process. Puget Systems has a mind-blowingly awesome process. From the first call, they listened well, offered outstanding advice, steered me away from more expensive, less effective solutions, and helped me land the perfect system both under budget and at my door within two weeks (some builds take longer but mine was here fast).

The whole time, from first call to delivery and beyond, I got a daily update on the progress of my build. Who was doing it, what was done, the checks, the double checks and even pictures along the way. No company offers that level of service. In fact, I have begun working out how I can do something similar with my clients. For a relatively small company, they deliver in a very very big way.

When the system arrived, I was once AGAIN blown away. Everything comes marked, all the pieces you need, along with a binder with answers to questions they know you'll have. Also, you get the thumb drive to reset the system if you need it, names and numbers to call, some spare parts you made need or you might lose, so there's extras. They think of EVERYTHING. They anticipate potential problems and solve them ahead of time to get you up and going within minutes.

I know it sounds like I'm just glowing and showering them with praise because I have this shiny new toy to play with. I assure you, that's part of it, but a small part. The machine is not just awesome, it's perfect. And the process wasn't just great, it sets a new standard for great. They're customer focused. They communicate. They should give other companies lessons in how to interface with actual human beings aka the customer. I can't sing their praises highly enough and will use them from now on.

Give Puget Systems a call. You can be confident that you will get exactly what you need at a price that's fair and with the only surprise being how easy and delightful the whole experience was.

TL;DR The superior process, service and value made this the most painless purchase in my studio in years. The highest recommendation I can give

Helpful Cool


Just simply excellent!!

"Words can't even begin to describe the level of satisfaction I feel with the product and the after sale support that I've received. Great product & service!! Timely & transparent process form placing order to receiving product. Its unmatched and I do hope Puget System keeps this up. Consider me as a lifetime customer."

Helpful Cool


Solid computer

"The sales agent was very helpful in configuring the system, it was delivered on time and works beautifully. I got the quiet model which is essentially silent. I am very happy with the purchase."

Helpful Cool



"Staff is awesome and extremely helpful. Communication was great and they didn't try to oversell. My computer is a beast thanks to them. "

Helpful Cool


Exactly what our studio has been looking for !!

"We have been SO impressed by Puget, from the time we first started researching custom workstations optimized for what our studio does - professional photography, and wanted machines that were optimized to perform with Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop. Their exhaustive research and bench testing of the fastest, and most stable components is exactly what we were looking for. We don't have time to do this kind of research in an ever evolving hardware/software landscape, and we're thrilled to have a tech partner, who can do this for us. Their staff talked over our goals, made solid recommendations, and built an awesome system, which is nearly SILENT, and SCREAMS with processing speed for what we do! We will be upgrading all of our studio machines, and will definitely go with Puget in the future....just can't say enough about their professionalism, and the joy of having a tech partner who knows exactly how to build an optimized machine."

Helpful Cool


Unrivaled customer service, incredible machines

"I am firmly pro-Apple when it comes to OS, but I work mostly in Premiere and After Effects, which have very specific and strange technical needs that Apple computers don't handle well. If you're an editor or VFX artist like me, I highly recommend buying a Puget.

I have built my own computer in the past, but I'm really a software nerd-- not a hardware nerd-- so I always get stressed out when I'm buying a new computer. These guys walked me through every single thing I needed in my work station for it to handle all my needs.

Not only that, but once you've ordered it, they show you DOZENS of status updates and pictures of your computer being built to demonstrate the care that goes into testing your machine. That means a lot when you're buying a machine for professional work, and it was especially helpful because I needed the computer for a specific job that month (and it eased my nerves about when the machine would arrive, haha).

Every detail in the computer is well thought out. Mine has 1 SSD for all my software, 1 SSD for project files and cache, and another regular 6tb hard drive for media (with lots of space to add internals). The chassis has lots of well-placed ports and all the cables are nicely wrapped inside. Plus, my computer is stunningly silent.

When they ship it, it comes ready to use with all the high quality cables you might want, plus a mix of VERY easy to read instructions along with all the tech documentation a real hardware nerd could ever dream of.

More companies like this one, please.

Helpful Cool


Amazing company, amazing products.

"I have purchased PCs from Puget for years and they are absolutely fantastic - quiet, fast, reliable - and the service is top notch. I'm committed for life."

Helpful Cool


Good Systems, Great Customer Service

"My studio purchased a high-end workstation for post production color & visual effects about 8 months ago from Puget.

The system itself was exceptionally well built, performs up to expectations, and runs nearly silent even under heavy workloads (seriously, if you're on the fence about the extra sound conditioning option, just do it, it's the best I've ever heard). They also provided extensive documentation, testing reports for every component in the workstation, and even a very entertaining IR heatmap of thermal distribution inside the case.

I have lots of experience building my own PCs, so if they just sold a well built machine I wouldn't have that much to say about Puget. What's really impressive has been the customer service:

1.) Puget runs verifiable tests for many of their components, published on their blog, so you have realistic expectations for the price / performance ratio of build options. Even if you don't buy from Puget this is a great resource.

2.) Sales department was very helpful during our purchase and had no problem accommodating multiple customization requests that were not available from their online configuration system, even down to my preferred wiring layout for power delivery.

3.) When we had a component die on us after half a year of use, Puget immediately responded to the issue with a very reasonable "common-sense" verification of the problem (i.e. trusting my testing & diagnosis instead of making me run through generic steps in a support manual). Within 2 business days they'd sourced a new part that wasn't even in their inventory and had it overnight to my office, and we were back up and running.

Things break, it happens with all tools, but I haven't heard of another OEM or system integrator who provides this level of service.

Helpful Cool


Second Puget System I purchased.

"Excellent advice. Excellent performance so far. The combination of the best components and knowledgeable slaes advice produced a system which does everything I need in my photography. I truly believe it will be a system that stands the test of time."

Helpful Cool


Repeat Buyer Hoping to Buy Again

"Great customer service and, of course, the best computers ever. Thank you, Puget! Hope to buy another down the road."

Helpful Cool


Everything about Puget has impressed me

"I called and got a human (Jeff) who not only spent time with me, but knew exactly what I was asking and was incredibly knowledgeable. I was looking to move away from my aging Mac Pro to a faster machine for photo editing. Puget had all the stats and explained not only what I needed, but why I needed it. I had done a lot of research beforehand. They corroborated what I already knew and even had more data to add.

Puget is incredibly communicative during the build process, I always knew what was going on with the build and, for the most part, during shipping - FedEx leaves a lot to be desired.

I was concerned about how quiet the machine was going to be and they assured me that it would be almost silent (aside from the heavy duty graphics card I chose) even though they don't use liquid cooling in the configuration I ordered. They weren't kidding. It's actually quieter than the Mac Pro, which is incredibly quiet.

So far, I couldn't be happier with the buying experience and with the machine I purchased. I'm still loading all my data on to the machine, and I'm looking forward to getting some high-speed editing done soon.

Thanks, Puget!

Helpful Cool




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Quality Computers

"This is our 5th computer from Puget. Very satisfied!"

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