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Save yourself the worry, and your children the humiliation.

"There is a reason that this facility is C rated on the Better Business Bureau. If I could leave no stars, I would. I enrolled my daughter at La Petite on August 28, 2017. In that first week alone, there were two incidents related to not properly cleaning my daughter after changing her diaper and returning clothes back to me (without notifying me) with solid feces in the clothes. I decided to address this to the director immediately as I had faith in her to handle and address the situation promptly without having to notify her supervision. I emailed her and she responded that Monday (these incidents occurred on the previous Thursday/Friday) and she said, verbatim: "I will look into this matter and see that it does not happen again. You are correct that potty training is a process but it does not have to be unsanitary. I send my deepest apologies and will correct this. Thank you for bringing it to my attention." However, that Friday, just days after receiving this email from the director, I picked up my daughter from the day care facility and brought her home. When I went to take her to use her potty, I noticed that she had been sent home without any pull-ups or undergarments on--just her pants. The director clearly contradicted her email that she sent to me because the issue, upon speculation, was never even addressed. It was not until I actually called LaPetite and complained to them regarding theses instances that the staff was actually informed of proper cleaning techniques. Following this, the director never herself personally spoke to me in person again--she had the assistant director speak to me. By the time I had received an email from the director similar to the first email, I had completely lost faith in the facility and decided to withdraw my daughter. She was there approximately three weeks. Save yourself the worry and your children the humiliation. Do not enroll them in this facility"

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"I could not ask for a better place for my granddaughters to be. They came fro a bad environment where the oldest had broken her arm twice. They learned basically nothing. They colored pictures from coloring books. From day one I saw a difference in the girls. They have both blossomed into lively, chatty, fun loving little girls. Their teachers are top rate. They let you know what's going on and they work with us as a team for what is best for the girls. There are not enough words to say thank you for what they have helped these little girls accomplish. They love their center, the teachers and the friends they have made."

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"Sara and Melissa were great. I had done extensive research on this facility and even printed out the DHS Facility Monitoring Summaries and presented them with questions I had with any concerns (there were NONE pertaining to the actual health and safety of the children, I may add) of this facility. Neither Sara nor Melissa panicked and were able to answer all of my questions effectively. They were extremely welcoming to a nervous, first time single mother like myself. Both were very professional. I really liked the teacher, Miss Jackie, that was in the 3 year old room. She was extremely patient and good-natured. One thing that really impressed me about this facility was that most of the staff members had been there for years at a time, and everyone seemed extremely cheerful and happy to be working there. Thank you to Sara, Melissa, and Miss Jackie for a great tour, and I look forward to speaking with you all very soon!"

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"Loved it before changing to a different one."

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"I am thrilled my two granddaughters are attending. They are once again excited to go to daycare/school in the morning. Everyone was so helpful and understanding of why I needed them enrolled ASAP. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone."

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"Question 32- I actually visited the facility on a Saturday not during the week."

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