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Absolutely terrible

"I ordered two gift cards at the end of April for my nephews' birthdays and told my brother to let me know if they didn't get them. I remembered to ask him a month later and they never received them. I contacted the company and got a wordy response that didn't tell me anything other than my order couldn't process. If it couldn't be processed, why was the money taken out of my account and held for a month. I still haven't gotten my money back and now I have to send my nephews a very belated birthday gift. I should've been notified immediately and my money returned if there was a problem. This company should be ashamed of their customer service! "

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SCAM: Don't Buy!

"My son did not receive the Safeway gift card (via email), and when I called the company the next day 3 different times, I was given several excuses, from "it will be delivered in the next 15 minutes" to "sometimes it takes all day to arrive".

None of the phone people were native English speakers, so I doubt if the company is even based in the USA. Wish I had googled the company before I placed the order.

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"I bought a Safeway gift card for my brother in Oregon this week. He went to use it and 2 managers told him it was not valid, nor would they accept it. My brother called me, I called the company. They told me to have my brother, the recipient, to call the 888# on the e-card. He did and the person who. he could hardly understand provided another # for him to call. When he did, they told him I needed to call. REALLY! By now we knew it was a scam!
I am calling my credit card company in the morning to file a fraud charge.
ADVISE: stay away!

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Not a reputable company! They will steal your money!

"I’m convinced that Gift Card Mall and Blackhawk Network are not real companies. My husband purchased a $500 Visa gift card from the Pavillions grocery store. I had it for no more than a few days before someone stole the card info and wiped out everything but $2. It’s important to note the card NEVER left my possession and was still in full packaging – it hadn’t even been opened before the balance was gone.

I followed the necessary channels and reported the card stolen with Gift Card Mall’s dispute agency, Blackhawk Network. They told me it would take 45-90 days from the time the case was opened (March 11, 2017) to complete the investigation.

Issue #1: On March 23 I received a letter from Blackhawk Network requesting additional documentation to support my claim. The letter stated I had 10 business days from the letter’s date to provide additional paperwork or the case would be considered resolved and closed. The letter was dated March 13 but wasn’t mailed until March 20th (yup, I checked the postmark). By the time I received the letter in the mail on March 23, the 10-day deadline was nearly up. I called the next day (March 24) and spoke to a customer service rep who told me I had until midnight to submit the additional paperwork or the case would be closed. I dropped everything and submitted the documents requested via email on Fri., March 24 at 10:36pm.

Issue #2: I followed-up to see how the investigation was going on May 14, knowing that Blackhawk Network should’ve be nearing the 45-90 day timeline they allot for investigations. The customer service rep told me they never received the additional paperwork they requested and therefore my claim was not in-process. Per their request, I resent the paperwork and was told it’d require an additional 45-90 days to process.

Issue #3: On May 24 I followed-up again and this time was told they hadn’t received my resubmission. I quickly bypassed the customer service rep and spoke directly with the manager. The manager apologized profusely, asked me to resend the paperwork to the email address I’d sent it to twice previously, and reassured me she’d personally call me the very next day to follow-up. I did exactly as she asked and waited on her call the next day. Never heard from her again.

Issue #4 A few days later, I received a letter dated May 25th saying the cardholder dispute services department was still not in receipt of the requested documentation and therefore my case was considered invalid and no further action would be taken.

Resolution: We contacted our credit card company and reported the Blackhawk Network purchase as fraudulent since it was clear Blackhawk Network had no intention of returning our money. Thank goodness for Mastercard! They quickly began the investigation process to verify fraud. When I made Blackhawk aware of this, they asked me to resend everything (yes, again), and what do you know, less than a week later they decided to return our funds. It took 3 months of relentless emailing and calling, and I’m convinced had Mastercard not stepped in to launch and investigation of their own, we never would've seen that $500 again. Let this be a warning, Gift Card Mall and Blackhawk Network is a SCAM. The fact that we were finally able to chase down our money and I still filed a BBB report should tell you everything you need to know. Do not buy a gift card from them, not even if you purchase it from a reputable store.

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Awful experience

"They take your money and hold on to it while not sending your gift card codes to you. You start to wonder if they are a scam organization, contact them and are given some bs explanation about slow processing due to volume of orders, machine is verifying your identity and they can't intervene, they string you along and then you finally call at the 24 hour mark and discover your order is canceled. To add insult to injury, some people I know bought at the same time due to it being a promotion discount, and a bunch of them got their cards within 5 minutes. Others had my experience. At least they refunded me, but I really wasted a bunch of time dealing with their incompetence. Their CS shouldn't exist if it can't help a customer get their orders approved, talk about purposeless. They won't say I will fare any better going through a purchase in the future, no guarantees, and the promo was gone in the meantime and they wouldn't make it right for me."

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Horrible experience, poor communication

"I ordered a gift card at 6:30am on the day I needed it, and quickly got a confirmation email with the estimated delivery of that day. By that evening, no card had been sent. I got a voicemail from a random number that afternoon, but there was no actual message when I tried to play it. I decided to look up the number later that night and saw that it was from the company, so I reached out to see what had happened. I later got a call from someone saying that they needed to verify my information. They asked me to confirm the exact information I had entered on the website - I can't understand why this was needed, and why there was no mention of it when I placed my order. I was told it should be sent within a couple minutes and that they would let me know if they needed anything else. When it still hadn't been sent six hours later, I called the company to cancel the order. I wasn't impressed with the representative on the call, as he seemed to stutter the name of the company as if he wasn't even familiar with it. I was told that my order had already been canceled, despite me having just confirmed my information hours earlier. At this point I didn't really care because that was what I wanted, but I was extremely irritated that I was never given any kind of notification - had I not called, there's no telling how much longer I would've waited. I was never given an explanation as to why it was canceled."

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Fraudulent ECards

"I have called and emailed the company several times regarding a fraudulent card they had sold me. It had already been used in Hawaii, which I did not go to. It was for Panda Express and they told me Panda was responsible. It didn't make sense , it was giftcard mall who sold me the ecard, which had never left my office. They would not reimburse me so I am out $25, and also had to pay for the food at Panda Express since it didn't work there. I am really angered and feel so ripped off by this company . Don't buy cards from them , there is either a glitche in their online system or they are purposely selling gift cards that are already used. There is probably in house theft, but they don't want to reimburse the customers who have been ripped off."

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Never Use CreditCardMall.com

"Horrible service. They rejected my order, but no one could give me a reason why. I have never had an order rejected and was terribly offended. I told the representative that I wouldn't hang up until someone explained the reason for the rejection, but all 3 levels of service could say was that "the system rejected the order and no one in the company could tell me why." The representative hung up on me after 3 warnings, ha!"

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Buyer Beward

"Do not use this company; I placed an order for one safeway gift card and they billed my credit card twice. When I called to ask why they hung up on me."

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Left me hanging after they got my credit card #

"Utter baloney.
I ordered a couple of gift cards for my grandsons Christmas Eve. Order approved, I let the boys know to expect them and now, at night on Christmas DAY I get an email saying the order was canceled due to "security risks". I ordered with a card IN MY NAME, the number and security code WHICH THEY NOW HAVE - WHO is at a security risk here, and why is this allowed to continue???) SO angry with this company, there must be some recourse?

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Run away from this merchant!

"This site is a total scam, and I don't understand how or why some agency hasn't shut them down for fraud, especially after reading all the other negative reviews.

I ordered online and it took them three days to notify me that my order was cancelled...no reason given.

But in the meantime, they have collected my personal & credit card info...

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Either scam or completely incompetent.

"First approved the order, that was approved by the CC (Amex), and day later cancelled it for no reason. They either just collecting CC info or completely incompetent and should not be in business either way. Stay away from them."

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This site is a SCAM

"Do not order from this site - it is a SCAM.

After ordering a gift card, they charged my credit card. Within 30 minutes I received an email explaining that the transaction had been canceled because my order raised a "red flag" within their internal security systems. No explanation as to why or how. I immediately called and they said that they were not able to explain why my transaction had been canceled after I had been charged, nor would they transfer me to someone with whom I could file a formal complaint.


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Don't order online from GiftCardMall!

"While it is difficult to avoid GCM's gift cards in local grocery stores and retailers, online, they are a nightmare to deal with.

I ordered $300 worth of gift cards on August 5. On August 16 I inquired about delivery and was told to contact the company again if they were not delivered by August 26. On Aug. 29, I had not received the gift cards, and they "escalated" my inquiry. Well, that's fancy language for holding onto my money for another 3 weeks. Yep, you guessed it, they couldn't find 3 gift cards to stuff in an envelope and send to me, so they canceled my order, and the refund should arrive by... (are you sitting down?)... September 21! A loan of $300 for 7 weeks, and no interest paid to me. And of course, the refund "cannot be expedited."

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