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Product & services pricing 10.00/10
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Customer service: 10.00/10
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Absolutely amazing service!

"Words can't express how happy I am with the service received from FotoSharp.
I contacted Bob in regards to which product would be best for my gear, and he walked me through my options.
Amazing service, and nothing was too much trouble. Even with the time difference between the US and AUS all my emails were answered very quickly.
As soon as I completed the order, I received an email letting me know that it was out for shipping.
The only thing I could ask for would be for some rain to be included in the parcel, so I could go out and play! :-)
VERY highly recommended, would not hesitate to recommend to friends/colleagues/anyone!
Thanks again!!!

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Saved my bacon many times

"I bought a camo cover a few years ago. It has saved my gear from rain, fog, wind, dust many times over. I need a second one in a hurry. Bob saw to it. Well made, much better than the plastic bag "rain protectors", easy to use, secure on the camera/lens - at a very fair price. What is not to love? Nice people, I love the 15 day try out period, and the cover is second to none. Buy one. Buy two. Considering what the lenses cost, the cover is a minimal expense that will save you many times over. "

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Fotosharp Pro II Review

"I have both the Sony a7Rii and a6500 mirrorless cameras and was unsure of which would be the correct size PRO Camera Rain Cover so I purchased both the 12" and 16" versions. I like the 16" version better as it gives me more room to place my hands inside the cover to access both a flash and the camera's controls. I decided, however, to also keep the 12" version to use with an older 4/3 Panasonic that I use for infrared images.

Please note that Bob "upgraded" me at no cost to the new PRO II versions that include neoprene tabs so that the cover will grip the lens/hood better. The tabs appear to prevent the cover from slipping when the cord is cinched so it seems to be a good upgrade.

Thank you.

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PRO Camera Rain Cover and Customer Service Absolutely Excellent!

"I love my FotoSharp rain cover, and I truly appreciate the amazing service Bob offers.

I purchased my first Universal Camo with Blackout Coating Rain Cover in 2011, and I used it faithfully. It did a great job of not only keeping my gear dry, but of also keeping blowing sand out of my gear. The dark lining on the universal camo helped keep my camera cool while also providing a bit of shade for viewing the LCD screen in bright sun. I hiked with my camera and cover more than 100 days a year and that cover looked as good as it did the day it arrived.

Unfortunately, my camera bag, along with most of my camera gear was stolen, in fall 2015. To file an insurance claim, I needed proof of purchase, but my copy was long gone. One quick email to Bob and I soon had a copy of my invoice.

Once insurance settled I began purchasing replacement gear, and a new FotoSharp rain cover was high on the list. We recently took a trip to eastern Ecuador, where we went from 14,000 ft. to 600 ft. elevation. Rain was a daily companion, but so too were fog, thick trails with sharp branches, mud and more. My gear, dressed in its rain cover remained dry and well protected, and I didn't have to constantly worry about its safety. When the rains in the Rainforest became insanely heavy, I simply pulled the cover over the ends of the camera and lens, tightened the elastic straps, then tucked my camera under my arm. Back in our room, my camera was the only thing that wasn't completely soaked!

One other perk, I carry expensive gear while birding along popular trails or in city parks. If my camera is out of the cover, I'm constantly hearing comments about it, including comments about how much it must have cost me. But when it's in its cover, no one notices it's there. After the theft, I'm a bit more wary of those comments and appreciate the cover making my gear less conspicuous!


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The Hyperfocal chart is a must-have item for any landscape photographer

"The FotoSharp hyperfocal distance chart is superb. I highly recommend it."

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Photo Cheat Sheets

"Very happy with my set of cheat sheets! The personal service you get from FotoSharp is second to none!!"

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Kept the camera dry even in the wettest place in England

"The cover works very well. It is s better than the plastic bag covers because I do not get a moisture build up and it is a better shape. The rubber tabs on the lens end are a big improvement over the original version that I have had for years and is still going strong."

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"They know what they are doing with their photographs. They seem to really care and are professional about it. I enjoyed my experience here and you will too."

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"What great service FotoSharp provided....don't see this kind of service very often anymore.....they have pride in the business they provide. The rain covers are second to none and work exactly like they say.

Great work folks...I would buy again without hesitation .

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"As an amateur nature photographer I am often shooting in bad weather. For me FotoSharp rain covers are the ideal solution for protecting my camera and lens when shooting in the rain. The FotoSharp rain covers are flexible enough that I can easily adjust the zoom and focus rings on my lenses through the covers. The is enough room at the camera end to reach the camera button and knobs from under the cover. The Velcro opening at the bottom of the cover makes it easy to get my cameras on and off my tripod without exposing my camera and lens to the elements.

When not is use the cover takes negligible space in my camera bag.

When I bought my first FotoSharp rain cover I thought the price was high for a waterproof sleeve with a couple of elastic strings at the end. Several years later I am still using the same cover and it does not show and signs of wear. When I needed a bigger cover for a newly acquired long lens, I didn't hesitate to order a second cover.

My cover was shipped within 24 hrs of order and I received it by first class mail a few days later.

Helpful Cool


"FotoSharp makes the best camera rain covers I've found. More expensive than the cheap stuff floating around Ebay, but much more durable and functional. The "try before you buy" option is fantastic. Very fast shipping and good customer service as well."

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"As a new film photographer, I found FotoSharp's "Day & Night Exposure Guide " invaluable in orienting me to the "rules of thumb" on setting f-stops and shutter speeds in various light (and nite) conditions. I love it!"

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"On a photo trip to the windy Falklands, and I saw the FotoSharp rain cover in use. Effective and a lot less bulky than the others. Well, given the limitations on airline baggage and the problem of my camera pack always bulging a little too much, this was just what I wanted to find. Works perfectly on my Nikon 80-400 zoom and I can fold it back to work on the wide angle 24-85 zoom as well. Liked that I had a 15 day trial before either purchase or return. I am keep it. "

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"Super nice little company, will do business again with them."

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"I recently purchased your tain cover, and it's transformed my ability to shoot in all weathers! LOVE IT!! Great quality, amazing service, and worth every penny :-)"

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