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its great

"idk what people complain of A/X being bad if they dint like it then don't buy it. but in my own personal opinion A/X is one of the best store out therefor people to look real nice if your into fashion (teens). and for young people to have does clothes is real nice for example me, when i go to school all i use is A/X and to be honest i am one of the best kids that looks real clean compare to others that try to be cool and look all sagy, cheap clothes."

Helpful Cool


"Very bad experience. I was charged for the tax I shouldn't pay because none of my clothing is more than 100 dollar( I live in NY state, according the NYC law, no sales tax for clothing under 100). I called the customer service, they wouldn't give me the credit back. Very rude. I will never buy from their website again."

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"Awful place. No customer Exchange Policy. This is crazy. You need to speak to Danille the manger from where did she learn her CRM techniques. I am sorry she is Just an uneducated person. She just took my husband like a piece of dust and put him out of the store."

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"I bough a shirt from A/X for a gift for my brother and forgot to ask for a gift box. When I came back a few days later and asked for a gift box, I was told I had to purchase something in order to get one. I explained to the employee that I did purchase a shirt a few days ago, but he wouldn't give me a gift box. I asked him, if I brought back the shirt I purchased, would he be able to give me a gift box? He answered , "No," and that I needed to purchase something else. I found this rule really lame and stupid. I hope this policy can be changed. The boxes are really cheap and A/X shouldn't have problems giving them. "

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"Armani Exchange online - poor, poor, poor customer service. I placed an order online & while it was still processing, I received an email that gave no restriction free shipping. When I called, they would not give me the free shipping, even though the order had not finished processing. They would not allow me to cancel and reorder. They were blunt and unsympathetic, and I will only go back if they have something I absolutely must have and cannot get anywhere else.

Order from Armani Exchange, but do not expect any concept of customer service from them.

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"Very bad manager, I went to return my t-shirt which I order thru online, she refuse to take it back. I wore it couple of times, and material is so bad , from back its become very rough. They should refund my money even if it after 30 days. I was not expecting this bad quality from Armani. Awful after sales service."

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"I was able to get clothes from Armani Exchange on discount from the site. I was happy with the discount and the shopping experience. Everything arrived nicely packed, just want you'd expect from a top-notch designer."

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"The worst online return experience ever! What a scam!

The website claims free and easy returns, even to the store. This is completely not the case if using Google checkout. I wasted my time by going to the store only to find out that they don't take Google Checkout items back. They would not provide a shipping label on time if you loose the original label that came in the package, so now I have to pay for my own return shipping.

Hopefully I can get my money back in the next couple of months as stated on their website: "Additionally, please allow 1 to 2 billing cycles for the refund to appear on your credit card statement from the time your refund is processed at A|X." This is just ridiculous in this day and age! Go to the store and save yourself the headache.

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"Armani - Worst Customer Service & Shopping Experience Ever
> order delay
> failed to notify customer of item cancellation
> laid by customer service
> unable to tack my package
> failed to mail out gift set and showed no intent to redeem
> tax cancellation delay


letter to A|X customer service


My Order numbers are #50357, #50698, #50700, #50701

The first order was placed on 4/8.
For all 4 items, the website showed in stock ship in 24 hours.

4 / 9 Nothing is shipped in 24 hours and No one notified me.
I have to call to find out why my order is still not shipped,
because the items on the order might not available.

4 / 14 2 items on the order was cancelled and no one notified me.
I called and emailed, no one gave me any clear answer but asked me to wait.
I waited for a long long time.

4/20 After 12 days of waiting, the order is still in review and I heard nothing from A|X.
I cancelled the order.
By the way, today is 5/11, it’s been a month
and I’m still waiting for the cancell of tax that was charged for receiving nothing from you.

The other three orders was placed on 4/21.
For all For all 3 items, the website showed in stock ship in 24 hours.
AND I called your customer service number to be sure.
I was told all three items are available.
And the second I got the answer, I placed the order.

The next day 4/22, again my order is in review.
Told by customer service, it’s because TD VISA has not gave the Authorized Code.
Called the bank, you lied.
My Bank already gave the authorized Code.

4/24 On the website, it showed the order was comfirmed but pending.
Called customer service again, was told everything is fine.
Once VISA authorized, the orders will be shipped.

4/25 Nothing is shipped, Order is still pending.
and somehow the “comfirmed order” is not comfirmed anymore.
For #50698 and #50700, All items were cancelled.
For #50701, one of the items was cancelled.
Again, no one notified me.

4/29 Received email. Order#50701 was shipped.
but the tracking number doesn’t work.
No proper link to the shipping service you used.
I can’t track my package.

5/7 Received the package. There’s no gift set inside.
called customer service and you showed no intent to redeem.

5/11 Still waiting for the cancellation of the tax from orders that are not fulfilled

Read more: http://www.myfashionlife.com/archives/2007/09/06/armani-launches-online-store/#ixzz0FLAl11M0&B

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"This is my first shopping experience with AX, and it was simply excellent. Smooth transaction. Fast shipping. Great customer service as expected."

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"Very easy transaction. I didnt run into any issues. Good company from my experience."

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"first, let me tell that i waited long time till i decided to write up this review. i shop online a lot, and it happened that armani exchange provided me with the most horrible service possible. they feature "easy" shopping using google checkout - don't use it! i did and now i have to pay (literally) for it a very high price. it's been almost two month and i still cannot get my money back. the return process is very unpleasant - you cannot return merchandise to the store - you need to mail it back (and this is the easy part). since you placed an order via google checkout they claim not to have any information about your order billing info and thus, you need to call A|X to provide a credit card info over the phone (how's that for security?!). well, i called and spent over 20 minutes with them (hold time not included!) and now i've been waiting for the refund (almost a month after they issued a credit). when i called them again just now the person i was talking to didn't have any of the information and told me (after putting on hold three times) that he cannot help and will escalate to the HQ. this is ridiculous. i had better experience with walmart than with what i though is more reputable business (it's not as it turned out!) "

Helpful Cool

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